The Truth About Growing A Beard

While beards and mustache are a part and parcel of manhood, not all men are able to sprout healthy thick beards. There are several reasons why your beard may not be growing. You cannot fight your genes but you can still find ways to help grow your beard. Here are a few truths about beards and their growth patterns.

1.To begin with, know that to grow a complete beard you will need two to three months based on the rate at which your hair grows; not everyone’s hair growth rate is the same. So do not be disheartened if your friend grows a beard faster than you; your time will come. Be patient.

  1. Age is a big factor with regard to the kind of beard you end up with. In your adolescence, you will begin with peach fuzz and stubble that refuses to be coarse. Once again be patient there is no magic potion. By the time you are 22 or 23 your beard will start to fill up and the best beards are when you are in your 30s and 40s.
  2. Different areas grow at different pace hence it is very common to see the stubble on the chin appear long before you see anything on your cheeks. You must wait for your cheeks to catch up before you use any clippers and shape your beard.
  3. Following a good cleansing regime will ensure that you are getting rid of dead cells clogging the pores around the hair and allowing better circulation of blood in the area. Use good quality shampoos once or twice a week. Do not overlook the use of conditioner which will detangle the hair and keep it smooth and soft. Finally moisturize the skin regularly. Beard growth oil is considered to not only moisturize but also stimulate hair growth.

You cannot change your genes but you can adopt a healthy lifestyle, diet and beard care regime to maintain and grow a beard that you can be proud of.