Take care Of The Pregnant Wife


Pregnancy is a beautiful period in any woman’s life. Whether it was easy or the result of multiple treatments, etc, a woman has to be careful during pregnancy. This does not mean she has to restrict her activities or stay put in one place. She needs to take extra care than usual as her body is undergoing a major change and it is not easy to anticipate how the body will react to certain triggers.
It is not just the responsibility of the pregnant woman, but also that of her near and dear ones, especially the husband. Is your wife pregnant, here are some ways you can pitch in and make this journey smooth and memorable for her.
Work Load – Though one can continue to do their work as usual, it is better to reduce the manual work load when one is pregnant. A pregnant woman will not only grow in size but will gain weight too and this weight will strain her heart. In such a time, it is not advisable to do manual work like before as it will increase the strain. As a husband, you can take up more share of the household chores or other works, so that she need not run around or bend too much.
Food – A pregnant woman has to consume enough to feed her and the growing baby. This is the time one has to pay attention to what they eat as essential nutrients are required not only for the baby but for the mother to be as well. As a husband, you can ensure she eats right and eats on time. Prepare a meal chart with the help of the doctor and help her eat better.
Sleep – Sleep is very important during this period. As a husband, ensure she gets enough sleep and is there is something preventing her from getting the required amount of sleep, try to eliminate that factor or take over the responsibility.