Hair Loss: Causes And Treatment

Hair loss is a medical condition that is certainly more common in men as compared to women. However, our eating patterns and lifestyle has changed in a way that every second woman is facing the problem of hair fall and is unable to grow healthy hair back. What could be the possible reasons for this? Can it be prevented or treated without undergoing any major medication? Well, yes. It certainly can be if the hair fall stage is still at an intermediate level.

Here is a short guide on why hair fall occurs and how we can treat it effectively.

Causes of hair loss

Having just a bit of hair fall is fine, but in case someone comes across a situation where they face a lot of hair loss, then the condition is definitely severe. Listed below are some of the reasons that trigger hair loss in human body, especially in females:

  • Thyroid: If a person is dealing with thyroid, be it hypo or hyper, then he or she might bear some hair loss. As thyroid gland regulates our metabolism, it affects hair quality immensely if the gland does not product enough or less hormones.

  • PCOS: This condition of hormonal imbalance in human body is another reason why majority of the women and girls face hair loss.

  • Scalp infection: If someone has been affected by Ringworm, they will most likely bear hair loss in different patches of the scalp.

  • Bad diet: Poor intake of nutritious food items can also result in hair loss as it weakens the hair follicles and restricts the growth of new hair.

  • Excessive hair styling: In case someone indulges in too much of hair styling and uses machines like hair dryer, straightener and more, then he or she will definitely lose hair more quickly as compared to others.

In addition to these, few other causes that lead to severe hair fall include chemotherapy, genetic problems, stress, pregnancy, birth control pills, weight loss, and others.

Steps to treat hair loss

When it comes to preventing hair loss, remember that a lot of it can begin at home. Ensure to eat well, exercise regularly, oil your hair, and wash often. Despite of taking all these measures if you still experience hair loss, do not delay and consult a good doctor for the same. At times the real reasons are difficult to understand in the first go and reliable doctors can help you perfectly with the same.

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