Effective Workout Habits You Need To Know About

Have you ever wondered why despite having a regular workout routine you have not achieved your goal of optimum fitness and a stronger and well-toned body?  The key to a good and effective workout is not the number of times you exercise and the amount of time each session lasts, but it also includes what you do before, after and during your exercise.

Here are a few habits that you must inculcate into your regime for optimum benefit from your exercise.

  1. 30-40 minutes of workout is enough: Unless you are an athlete or a professional sportsperson, 30- 40 minutes of workout is the most beneficial and highly effective. High-intensity workout of 30 minutes will not only build your endurance and stamina but is also good for your heart. By pushing your body beyond a certain comfort limit you will do more damage than good to your muscles and bones.
  2. Intake of Protein: While the seasoned athletes and regular exercise goers know the benefits of protein intake before and after exercise a majority of the public is still unaware of it. People generally have the tendency of spiking themselves on sugared drinks for that extra energy which is a grave mistake. You require protein for muscle building. Hence always take whey or soy protein shakes before and after a workout. This not only helps with the muscles but also keeps hunger pangs at bay.
  3. Hydrate: Drink water throughout the day and not just before an exercise because your body takes time to absorb the water. It is equally important to drink during exercising but doesn’t gulp it down but sip slowly and gradually increase the quantity.
  4. Don’t miss the carbs: While the goal of all those who want to lose weight is to cut on carbs, they are essential for the body especially for intense workouts.

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