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Need an excuse for absence from work, a note from a doctor stating a simple medical condition is the most common excuse we resort to. But it is not possible to approach a ‘real’ doctor for a ‘fake’ medical condition. So, what do we do? Search the internet – fake templates of doctors notes are available online. Some are free and some come with some minimal charge.

There are several options available when you look online. There is a form that you have to fill. These will typically contain your name, age, work, why you need a fake doctor’ note, what sort of excuse are you looking to give and so on.

There are also blank templates available, which you can edit and match to your information. There are templates that offer readymade medical reasons or excuses for absence from work. These templates are specific and when you choose such a template ensure that the note does not raise a suspicion and make someone from work double-check the details.

Also, when you are using such a template it is important to give the physician’s name/ clinic name and address. It is important that you use only a fictitious name and living within a reasonable distance of your neighbourhood.

Also, make it a point to remember the details you have given in the note and be cautiously confident. Make the excuse and the note as a whole believable and not something flimsy or over-the-top that raises doubts and calls for a double check.

Please note, that if you fake a real doctor’s name or hospital name, it is illegal and you will invite action from the legal authorities for forgery. So, exercise caution and do not get into trouble for a seemingly simple need to get away from work for some time. Try not to use these notes often and refrain from bragging about these to anyone.…

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