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  1. Voice The Significance Of Water And Sanitation

Availability of water is an acute problem these days. But there are still people who have not understood the importance of conserving and saving water for the future days. Kids have to be taught about this conservation of water and water, hygiene and sanitation should become mandatory, an essential part of their education. The ignorance is because elders do not follow it and hence children do not realize the significant importance of water. It is high time we perceive their conservation and start playing our roles in safeguarding the draining water resources. Water is essential for the very living of human beings and other creatures on Earth and the day the resources run out and completely drain out, the world would come to an end.

Water is a basic necessity and it plays an important role in the sustenance of human lives. Technology has turned out to be very perilous to procuring healthy and clean drinking water. There has been an increase in the number of factory outlets in a very short period and these have greatly contributed to the contamination of water. Contaminated water is the root cause for many diseases that have no cures. So it is very important that we maintain and consume water that is clean and pure. There is a greater role played by us in maintaining the water resources clean by not adulterating it with chemical waters. There should be a ban on all these factories emitting harmful and chemical water that is being directed to the various clean water resources. There are many projects and programmes conducted by governments as a joint venture and the greatest support and pillar to the success of such programs is pour undying and unending support. You can learn more about water, sanitation and hygiene from here, the specific websites that elaborate and illustrate each issue with an example.…

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