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Healthcare is very important in order to live a long life. Taking proper care of your health, getting appropriate tests done, making sure there is no abnormality in your tests can be helpful to live long and happy life. One of the many tests that are performed is a urine test. A urine test is also referred to urine analysis. Urine analysis is a test that is performed on your urine to determine abnormality, diseases, abnormal conditions on your organs.

Apart from this, a urine test is also done to determine any substance abuse. Substance abuse means the intake of illegal drugs in an excessive manner or getting addicted to it. These tests are mainly asked in corporate companies to screen in research centers to determine any earlier drug consumption. Passing in this test is essential with respect to career and job.

The first method is where you can refrain yourself from smoking pot for 3 months or more before you join office. It is normal for the human body to flush out any drugs or alcohol that go into the system. But this might take time hence one way to get rid of all these unwanted toxins faster from our body is by not introducing them for a long time or burn calories by running, going to the gym and exercising which will help in faster detoxification.

Also passed the test by stopping smoking pot for a month which will not completely nil the drug levels in your urine but it will be concentrated enough to pass that borderline test. By drinking lots of fluids also we can flush out drugs in our body. But by doing so you are increasing the amount of H2O in your urine, naturally concentrating and diluting the urine. Some of them might suggest drinking cranberry juice but this will do no good instead if you are interested in drug detox drinks that work go here such as Absolute Detox, Rescue Cleanse, One Short Concentrate and many more.

However, some people try to fake it by replacing the particulars urine sample with somebody else’s who is free of smoking pot. Sometimes you might be asked to pee in the cup at the office itself this is where plastic prosthesis comes into play which holds urine. It’s like a fake penis. It can also be filled with synthetic urine which is easily available in smoking pot shops.…

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