A Quick And Easy Healthy Solution To Anxiety

If you are prone to anxiety than you know that anxiety can strike anytime and sometimes without any advance notice. While there are medicines to treat it, everything doesn’t require medication if you know how to handle your anxiety attacks with simple and easy methods.

  1. Laugh: The stress hormone cortisol keeps you tight and anxious and you must find ways to overcome it. laughter is really the best medicine in this case. While you might not find anything funny and are in no mood to laugh, make an attempt to laugh. According to research, even a fake laugh releases dopamine, the chemical that gives you a high and makes you feel happy. And in the worse case, if you find that too difficult, locate a laughing app on your smartphone and use it to bail you out.
  2. Eat that chocolate: This is one time you can eat the chocolate and have it too. Tryptophan found in dark chocolate is known to calm the nerves and reduces cortisol leaving you in peace.
  3. Exercise: Yes, move your body- run, swim, stroll, play. Do any form of physical activity and see your anxiety fade away. This is because exercise releases endorphins or the feel-good hormones which fight the stress causing hormones and bring your body back to equilibrium.
  4. Essential oils: I bought this CBD oil for my anxiety and it worked wonders. Essential oils have been around for centuries and have several health benefits. Just make sure that you are buying pure oils free of any chemical and additives.
  5. Distract yourself: The best solution probably is to distract yourself with either a good book, movie or a comic teleserial. Anything that can keep your mind occupied is a relief for anxiety because your mind cannot focus on two things at the same time. When you next have an anxiety episode try to hold an ice cube between your palms and see how your anxiety vanishes.